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The problem wasn’t, the Offensive Line, It wasn’t the O-Line Coach, it was Tannehill.

 Armando is dead wrong.  As much as anything else sacks are a function of QB play.  Anyone who watched Marino should know this.  Tannehill has no pocket sense and holds onto the ball way too long.  That is the problem.

The Offensive Line pass blocking was average.  Run Blocking is another story.  Pro Football focus which Armando likes to link to when it shows he is right but not when it shows he is wrong rated the Dolphins Offensive Line 14 in Pass Blocking Efficiency.   The Dolphin’s gave up an average amount of pressure.  Actually they were slightly better than average.  Why did they give up so many sacks?   Tannehill held the ball too long.  Time after time.

 The worst part about it is that Tannehill rated 35th in the leagues in deep pass completion rating.  Completion percentage of passes greater than 15 yards.  He held onto the ball too long.  Hoping to make big plays down the field that he is not capable of making often enough.  If Sherman had a problem it was that he trusted Tannehill’s ability to make a play down the field too much.