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More Jordan less Wheeler, please.

I hope Jordan is dominant full time DE next year but Jordan is a tweener.   The player he most reminds me of coming out of college is Manny Lawson, same height /weight/position questions, and he ended up as a 4-3 line backer.    This isn’t just me, this what the Dolphin’s coaching staff thought of him this past year.  I do not want that to happen next year.  If Jordan is not a full time DE play him at OLB.  He has the ability and Phillip Wheeler was horrible.

Going into to next year with the same linebackers and expecting different results is not smart.  It was not the coaching that caused Wheeler to miss tackle after tackle.    The guaranteed part of Wheeler’s contract is a sunk cost.  If Jordan is not a full time DE next year,  I want to see him force Wheeler off the field.