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The secret formula that eliminates poverty.

The secret formula that eliminates poverty.

Again, maybe we could just inform people of the benefits of not having children out of wedlock?  Why not treat single parenthood like teen pregnancy?    What if a magic formula existed that would make it 8 times less likely that your children would grow up in poverty?   What if millions of people were not taking it and their children were growing up in poverty?   Would we say, ‘It’s not realistically (or desirably) in Washington’s power to force parents to drink the magic formula’ and leave it at that?  Or would we scream at the top of our lungs that people should drink the magic formula and stop condemning themselves and their children to a life of poverty.  Obliviously the later.  Marriage isn’t a magic formula, but encouraging marriage, by detailing the enormous costs to children of single parenthood, seems like it might help at the margin.